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Our Mission

Project Lotus seeks to empower Asian American women and girls by fighting restrictive stereotypes, reclaiming strength in cultural identities, and deepening our community’s roots. The female experience for Asian women is often demonized and cultural shunned; Project Lotus is focused on shifting the conversation from such pervasive negativity by preserving and spreading the voices of Asian Americans and their experiences as women in society. In Asian mythology, the lotus is an ancient symbol of strength and rebirth – combining the darkness of muddy waters and the brilliance of the flowers’ blossom. Project Lotus uses this symbol to show the multifaceted strength of modern day Asian women.


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Founders Message

I have always been passionate about serving my community and spreading knowledge. Having worked as a volunteer research assistant at Stanford and an intern at a Cambodian women’s nonprofit, I witnessed firsthand the crucial issues that Asian women face every day. As a first-generation Chinese-American immigrant who grew up at the intersection of two cultures, I experienced the biases and prejudice that women endure across both cultures. This summer, my internship at Doris Dillon school of Cambodia inspired to take action and found a non-profit dedicated to empowering and educating Asian women and girls.


Project Lotus aims to be an educational resource for women amidst the increasing pressures of societal obstacles and cultural taboos. Through hosting speaker events, creating blog posts and podcasts, we hope to spread the mission and ambition of Project Lotus. Our speaker events bring together Asian women and let their powerful voices and inspirational stories be heard. We invite distinguished Asian women in the community to share their wisdom and advice. Our blogs and podcasts serve as educational resources to empower and educate.  


The lotus, despite its humble origins in the mud, persists to climb out of its shell and blossom brilliantly for all to see. The symbol of the lotus represents my hope for Project Lotus to inspire women and girls to blossom confidently. 

The Latest and Highlights


Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our communities, our speaker events have been put on hold. Please stay safe during these difficult times! In times like these, it is more important ever to bond together in solidarity and support. Thank you 

         Mask Donations

As our communities are impacted by the virus, healthcare workers are hit the hardest and are the most as risk on frontlines as protective gear such as masks and gowns are scarce. Some workers have to go without and risk their lives.
Project Lotus is gathering protective mask donations from friends and partners in the community to be donated to local healthcare centers in the Bay Area, one of the hardest-hit regions in California. The task is daunting as shortages are everywhere and supplies are scarce: however, we believe firmly in the power of our community. Through making the most out of our networks and resources and with much help from friends and neighbors alike, we've gathered masks for healthcare workers and police officers. These masks are being distributed to local hospitals and essential public agencies such as fire and police stations in the Bay Area. Much of the supplies donated go to the VMC Foundation, to be distributed to the hospitals on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. 
We have gathered 1160 N95 masks so far in total. They have been donated to  Valley Medical Group and to the practices of local doctors Lin and Dr. Liu. Every mask makes a huge difference to workers who risk their health daily--email if you are interested in joining the fight to restore the health of our communities! 
Journey of the Swan: Tan Yuan Yuan Speaker Event

As one of the most acclaimed dancers in the world, Tan Yuan Yuan is an Asian-American Icon. Project Lotus brings this rare, once-in-a-lifetime speaker event to the community this April 17th. Ms. Tan will share her unique journey and the battles she faced along the way as an Asian-American woman and immigrant. Free admission, RSVP today to secure a seat!


Closet Lotus: Dress for Success

A free closet for the community. Put your best foot forward, free of charge. Dressing the part, whatever the occasion, means confidence. 

Quick Links

Voices of Women in Leadership Speaker Panel (12.16.2019) 
The Voice of the Lotus: Asian in America Speaker Panel (1.30.2020) 
Collaboration with Doris Dillon School in Cambodia 
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