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About Us

President and Founder

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Haoxue Che is a freshman at the University of California, Irvine with a passion for women’s studies and nonprofit work. From her past Stanford research experience at Culture and Emotion lab and internship at the Doris Dillon School in Cambodia, she learned about crucial women’s issues, particularly that of Asian and Asian American women. As a first-generation immigrant, she saw firsthand the cultural experience and struggle of women in both. She began Project Lotus as an educational resource for Asian-American women, pushing the Asian-American female experience to the forefront. 

What We Do

Project Lotus seeks to bring Asian women together in a tight-knit community and to inspire and teach. Only with knowledge can there be awareness, growth, and inspiration. We seek to empower Asian women in every way: to understand that Asian femininity is a strength, not a weakness.  

Board Advisor


Renee Paquier is the dean of the School of Professional Studies at West Valley College and has been a professor and educator for many years. Before coming to the college, Renee worked in both tech and law-enforcement. Renee is active in the Saratoga community and in numerous non-profit organizations in the area. She is passionate about women's issues and activism, sitting on the board of several non-profits in the area. 

"It was Inconceivable to her that she would not succeed" Tan Le.

Our Mission
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