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Our Partners and Projects

Closet Lotus

Dress for Success

Sometimes, confidence means dressing for the occasion. Whether it be a job interview, conference, or meeting, dressing the part means feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever is ahead. 


Many college-age young adults, particularly young women, do not have access to professional and business casual clothing; such attire is an expense they cannot afford. Not having access to such clothes can hinder one's confidence drastically; employers often gauge the sincerity of an interviewee based on their attire. 

Partnering with West Valley College, Project Lotus launched the initiative "Closet

Lotus," a free closet of pre-loved clothes for students to borrow and use. Collected from friends in the community, the closet provides students in need with the necessary pieces to polish and complete their first step into the professional world. 

Collaboration With Doris Dillon School in Cambodia


In our modern world, we often take Wi-fi for granted. From coffee shops to bus stops, Wi-fi is available for our devices. However, for countless more, living without Wi-fi is reality. Wi-fi connects us with the world and the databases of information available at our fingertips. Wi-fi is a tool of learning and empowerment; with it, we gain the power to see the world.  

In rural Cambodia, access to the internet is only viable via hotspot, a solution not practical for a school. As many companies are not willing to extend power-lines into rural areas, schools are left without wi-fi.


Learning English is an essential part of the curriculum as English proficiency is a requirement for entrance into secondary and higher education institutions in Cambodia. The internet is the best resource for both students and teachers to learn English. 

Additionally, Wi-fi opens up the world of these children. With Wi-fi, they can see the whole world and engage with it. With Wi-fi, they, especially women and girls, gain independence of thought and knowledge.


Project Lotus partners with Doris Dillon School in Cambodia to bring Wi-fi to the school. We aim to bring usable internet to the school and the village by the end of 2020. Such a task is daunting, but we have faith that in collaboration, we can bring this wonder of the modern world to the children of the school. 

Speaker Series

The core of Project Lotus is hosting speaker events to inspire. We hope to bring this to the Doris Dillon School, inviting speakers and initiating a career-oriented speaker-series event that takes place once a month. For these children, having the guidance and inspiration of a role model can be tremendously powerful. For them, hearing from a

speaker can open up possibilities they previously never dreamed of. Words can have tremendous power to inspire. Words create infinite value. Partnering with other local foundations such as the Key International School, Project Lotus nd Doris Dillon aim to bring speakers from a variety of fields directly to the children of the school. 


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